The greenhouse of our company (JSC “GREEN WORLD”) is situated in the settlement of Zira, the Absheron peninsula and specialized in growing tomatoes. The selection of that location is by no means optional as Zira is historically known to be a perfect place to grow vegetables and other agricultural products. This is the reason why this location was home to dairy-vegetable state farm, which used to supply Azerbaijan as well as other republics of post-soviet space with its produce for a long time other .

Well, what is the secret of this region? Why tomatoes grown in Zira are considered the best? The answer lies in its unique location with direct sunlight and mild temperatures at night to produce a perfect climate for growing outstanding tomatoes. Salty Caspian air, water accumulated in underground sources and filtered via osmosis along with Baku’s bright sun contribute to our plant, granting them with an impeccable taste.

The greenhouse was built, using the latest technologies and advanced scientific discoveries in this field under strict scrutiny and monitoring of French and Dutch professionals. We are producing eco-friendly and GM-free products, utilizing high-quality fertilizers which are in conformity with standards of developed countries and produced by leading companies. All plants are pollinated in a natural way with no hormones used. We use certified pest control which is harmless for people.

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Recently, the government has taken credible measures to develop non-oil sector as well as ensure appropriate conditions for agriculture. Therefore, we are willing to contribute to the food security of our country Moreover, our goal is to grow high-quality and eco-friendly products to meet standards of even the most demanding customers of our country and abroad.


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Now, we are growing a few types of tomatoes such as “endeavor”, tomatoes in branch, “pink paradise”, pink tomatoes, “muchoо” and widely loved “cherry”. All these types have proved to be in demand, pleasing their customers. Although we mainly export tomatoes in branch (“endeavour”), depending on customers’ preferences, we are bound to grow other types of tomatoes for export owing to expansion of our greenhouse farming.


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Before our greenhouse was constructed, the tender had been declared and won by two leading companies such as French “RICHEL” and Dutch “STOLZE”. “RICHEL”, created in 1964, offered us one of its latest greenhouse construction models to build “Richel 12,8” up to 11 meter tall with 12,8 m distance between aisles, the best choice for in terms of capacity and productivity in cold, hot and arid regions. All other facilities were bought from “STOLZE” which has been offering the best engineering solutions, tailored to individual peculiarities of all orders. Irrigation, heating and ventilation are operated by the “PRIVA”, a computerized system. So, agronomists only need to choose the right strategy for the program to follow. This system offers us perfect conditions to grow our plants all day long, contributing to maximum crop yields.


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Our plants are constantly monitored and controlled by the best agronomists with long experience and regular internships in Holland, Spain and other European countries. Moreover, once a year, we invite the leading Dutch specialists for monitoring and advisory support. All these measures aim to satisfy desires of even our most demanding customers.


Our projects has been implemented and in operation in cooperation with “Grow Group Azerbaijan” Company, the leader in the construction of high-tech and advanced greenhouses and the field of greenhouse farming in Azerbaijan. Additionally, “Grow Group Azerbaijan” is the official distributor of “RICHEL” and “STOLZE” companies in our country.


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